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Polymer Composites Group (Kessler Research Team) Group

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Group Meeting Schedule:

Friday, Jan. 13, 3:30pSafety Discussion & Updates
Friday, Jan. 20, 2:30pLab Clean-up
Friday, Jan. 27, 3:30pYuehong Zhang
Friday, Feb. 10, 3:30pYuzhan Li
Friday, Feb. 24, 3:30pMitch Rock
Friday, Mar. 3, 3:30pKathryn Mireles
Friday, Mar. 24, 4:00pJonathan Moore
Friday, Mar. 31, 3:30pLiwei Wang
Friday, Apr. 14, 3:30pDan Vincent

Group Goals:

  1. To engage in fundamental and applied research in polymers and polymer composites that is visible (by publishing frequently) and recognized in our field.
  2. Develop strong collaborations within our own research group and with other research groups at WSU and at other institutions.
  3. Sustain and grow the research program through external research funding.
  4. Have a congenial group (have fun).

Equipment Responsibility

  1. Mitch—Safety Officer, Rheometer
  2. Yuzhan—TMA, slow speed saw
  3. Kathryn—DSC, TGA
  4. Liwei—Balances, Rotary Evaporator

Chemical Inventory:

Our chemical inventory is posted on Quartzy.

Please update the inventory online whenever a new chemical is added to the lab and whenever a chemical is used up or removed from the lab.  If you have trouble accessing the document, please let Dr. Kessler know.

Also, remember to put the date received and the date opened on all chemicals.

Chemical Collection Procedures:

  1. Proceed to the WSU EHS website (
  2. Select hyperlink for Chemical Waste Management
  3. Click Chemical Waste
  4. Select Online Chemical Collection Request
  5. Fill out form as appropriate to chemical waste and location

Policies and instructions regarding chemical waste can be found at the Chemical Waste Disposal site


You can also watch instructional videos on using these instrument on our YouTube channel.

Safety Documents and Links

Instrument Scheduler