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Polymer Composites Group (Kessler Research Team) MSE 425: Senior Thesis

MSE 425/426 – Senior Thesis

Course description:Research in materials science and engineering.
Prerequisites by course:MSE 320; MSE 323; senior standing; certified major in Materials Science & Engineering
Course Objectives:To obtain first-hand experience with research in the field of materials science and engineering.
Topics Covered:Independent research.
Expected student outcomes:Each student will be assessed on the following points:

Defining a research project
Identifying equipment and facilities necessary to carry out the project.
Becoming aware of the available literature in your field of study.
Designing and carrying out experiments.
Obtaining and analyzing results/data.
Preparing a senior thesis.
Presenting thesis to the faculty.
Publishing a paper in a recognized journal or conference proceedings. (optional)


Agenda MSE 425 – Fall 2014

DateTopicAssignmentsReading Material & Links
8/261- Introduction to course, Syllabus1-Syllabus
9/22- Keeping a Lab Notebook2a-Lab Notebook Summary Page
2b-Data Management & Lab Notebooks
9/93- Library, Literature Searching
9/164- Laboratory SafetyStatement of Work
9/23No Class (Kessler out of town)
9/305- Individual meetings to discuss SOWProgress Report 1
10/76- Avoiding Research Misconduct 6-The Lab: Avoiding Research Misconduct
10/147- Discussion of PlagiarismProgress Report 27a-Discussion of Plagiarism
7b-Preventing Plagiarism
10/218- Publishing your research 1018-Writing a Paper (Whitesides Group)
8a- Publishing Your Research 101 - Episode 1
8b-Publishing Your Research 101 - Episode 5
8c-Publishing Your Research 101 - Episode 9
10/289- Scientific WritingProgress Report 3
11/410- Scientific Writing
11/11No Class (Kessler out of town)
11/1811- Scientific WritingProgress Report 4
11/25No Class (Fall Break)
12/212- Figures and graphs
12/9Final Presentations
12/12Final Thesis due