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Kessler Research Team at Washington State University People


DSC_1838From left to right: Kathryn Mireles, Michael Kessler, Vijay Kumar Thakur, Charles Carver, Yuzhan Li, Tom Garrison, Yuehong Zhang, Not Pictured: Mitch Rock.

Previous group photos

Principal Investigator

  • Prof. Michael Kessler, Berry Family Director and Professor, School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering. [more info]

Postdocs and Research Staff

  • Dr. Tom Garrison
  • Dr. Vijay Kumar Thakur
  • Dr. Yuzhan Li

Visiting Scientists

  • Dr. Bingtao Wang

Graduate Research Assistants

  • Darman (Mitch) Rock, Ph.D. Candidate
  • Kathryn Mireles, Ph.D. Candidate
  • Michael Zenner, Ph.D. Candidate (co-advised with J. Chen) at Iowa State Univ.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

  • Charles Carver, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Cole Pruitt, Materials Science and Engineering

Kessler Group Alumni