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Polymer Composites Group (Kessler Research Team) Research

Processing of Polymer Matrix Composites (PMCs)

  • Thermal analysis and cure kinetic modeling
  • Monomer development for ring-opening metathesis polymerization (ROMP)
  • ROMP based polymers reinforced with functionalized carbon nanotubes (CNTs)
  • Cyanate ester composites and nanocomposites with low temperature processability
  • Tailoring coefficients of thermal expansion using nanoparticles
  • Resin transfer molding

Mechanics of PMCs

  • Creep and dynamic mechanical analysis
  • Delamination and impact damage
  • Repair of damage in fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP)

Biologically Inspired Materials

Bio-renewable Polymers and Composites

  • Protein based plastics reinforced with nanoclays
  • Bioplastics from vegetable oils

Composites for Infrastructure Rehabilitation

  • Composite overwraps for structural pipeline repair